Team Members

Our dedicated team is the heart and soul of our organization. Comprised of passionate professionals and volunteers, each member brings unique skills and unwavering commitment to our cause. Meet the people who make our mission possible:

Executive Director:

Mr. K.L Karunathilaka

Responsibilities: Provides overall leadership and strategic direction, oversees the management of staff, ensures the fulfillment of the organization’s mission and goals, and acts as the primary spokesperson for the organization

Education Program Manager:

Responsibilities: Manages educational programs including School Supplies Assistance, Computer Donations, and School Uniforms Provision, ensures educational resources are distributed effectively, and collaborates with schools and community organizations.

Healthcare Program Manager:

Responsibilities: Oversees healthcare initiatives such as the Cataract Surgery Program and Medical Clinics, ensures program delivery meets quality standards, and coordinates with medical professionals and volunteers.

Hospitality Coordinator:

Responsibilities: Manages the provision of free food, drink, and accommodation facilities for international tourists, ensures the hospitality services meet the needs of visitors, and coordinates with local businesses and volunteers.

Human Rights and Environmental Advocacy Coordinator:

Responsibilities: Leads advocacy efforts for human rights and environmental rights, organizes campaigns, develops educational programs, and collaborates with other advocacy groups.

Program Director:

Responsibilities: Manages and coordinates all program activities, oversees program development and implementation, evaluates program effectiveness, and ensures alignment with organizational goals.